Stephen & Donna – Outdoor country wedding at the Three Lakes, Hertfordshire

I must admit I have been a bit slow in blogging about the weddings I shot last year, but there was no way I wasn’t going to blog about the lovely wedding of Stephen & Donna at the Three Lakes in Westmill, Hertfordshire! They are such a lovely, fun couple and it was definitely one of the most fun weddings I covered last year. Stephen is Irish, and he and his family lived up to the Irish reputation as being funny, friendly and generous. Combine that with the fact their surname is ‘Trotter’ & you can guess why they have an amazing sense of humour! They also booked the guestbook studio for the reception and I don’t think there was one guest who wasn’t in the guestbook. In fact at the end of the evening we had to turn people away! It was a real winner and I received so much positive feedback and requests for parties & barmitzvahs!

Here are a few of my many favourite images from the day: